Membership Options

We offer several membership options to meet your training needs. We operate on a monthly membership program structure, meaning you pay a flat rate each month based on the number of sessions per week you choose to train. Click here to see our pricing guide. Then contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation and tour of the studio.

If you have questions about any of the memberships, or don't see one that works for you, please contact us by clicking here.

Private Training

Private training sessions are our one-on-one option. If you want the studio all to yourself, you'll want to go with one of our private session memberships. Click here to see a full list of memberships and prices. Then contact us to get started!

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Semi-Private Training

Choosing a semi-private membership means that your sessions can include up to three other women. Semi-private sessions offer a couple of benefits. First, it decreases your cost. And second, it gives you the opportunity to support, and to be supported by, amazing women. These groups are designed to be sources of encouragement and, we hope, friendship inside and outside of the studio. Click here for a complete list of memberships and prices, then contact us to get started!

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