Founded by certified personal trainer Nikki Staab, Fitness for Life has been empowering women to reach their health and fitness goals since 2003. 

Our Approach to Personal Training

When you work with Fitness for Life you get a safe, private and fun exercise experience. And yes, we did put the words exercise and fun in the same sentence!

You'll be welcomed into our studio family, and partner with a personal trainer who will tailor your exercise sessions to you. To your fitness level. To your goals. To what feels good to your body.

You'll set goals focused on improving your health and quality of life. Maybe you want to get through your day without pain,  feeling strong and confident. Maybe you want workouts that are designed to support you in your sport or recreational activities. Maybe you feel disconnected from your physical body and want to know how good it can feel when you nourish it with exercise.

We don't weigh or measure you. We empower and encourage.

We don't shame or guilt you into sticking to an exercise program. Instead we make exercise accessible and enjoyable.


But you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what some of our clients have to say.


Nikki speaks truth—truth we all need to hear to accept our bodies, to motivate us to MOVE our bodies, and to free us to focus on what’s important in life. And she relays the truth with genuine conviction, faith in you to achieve, and with great joy. She ALWAYS inspires me to be MY best. I think SHE’s the best!
— Susy B.
...Workouts are fun and varied. As a senior citizen I have strengths I did not know I had. Because of the variety I enjoy these sessions which are personalized. Personalized because we discuss my struggles and plan for success...
— Beverly M.
Nikki and her staff are personable, make working out fun, get to know what works for each person and customize the workouts to affect change in the body most efficiently. They make a custom music playlist based on the music you like to work out to!
— Robyn B.
Wonderful workouts in a friendly environment!
— Lisa A.
Upbeat, positive attitude...always! Focus on strong & healthy vs. skinny & suffering lol!
— Janet A.