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Health, Fitness, Beauty and Food Hacks You Need in Your Life

We love hacks that make life easier or less expensive, especially when it comes to health and fitness. Those things just feel so difficult sometimes, don't they? Anyway, here are a few little things we've discovered that make taking care of ourselves so much more doable. 

Swap out shave gel for conditioner. Depending on which brand you choose, it's way cheaper per ounce than shave gel. I love the scent of a particular $2.99 bottle of Herbal Essences conditioner and now I buy it exclusively for this purpose. An added bonus is that I've noticed that if I forget to put on lotion after shaving my legs, when I use conditioner, they don't get itchy and irritated. I think because of the moisturizing ingredients in the conditioner...Shampoo is a good substitute for more expensive body washes too. 

Build your workout one minute at a time. When you're new to exercising, maybe you can only do 5-minutes at a time. But try adding 1-minute each day until you reach 30. An extra minute usually feels doable and you'll be at your target minutes in no time.

Swap a music playlist for the clock. If you find yourself glancing at the clock every few minutes, willing your workout to get done faster, you know it does the opposite. It makes the time drag even more. Instead, build a playlist of songs that's exactly as long as you want to exercise and use it as your timer. It's way more fun to let songs mark the time than the secondhand on your watch.

Want your perfume to last longer? Spray it behind your knees, inside your elbows, behind your ears or in your hair to get the best wear time out of your scent. 

Want to sneak some movement into your work day? Try walking meetings. How many Friday afternoons did I spend trapped in an office or conference room for meetings that could have just as easily been mobile? Too many. Get outside, breathe some fresh air and get some work done. 

Dry your hair with an old t-shirt instead of a towel. It dries faster, I swear. 

Tennis balls and frozen water bottles make great foot massagers. Fill the water bottles about 3/4 full and then freeze them. Rolling your tired feet over tennis balls or frozen bottles of water is so soothing. 

Now for some food hacks...

Rotisserie chickens are your friend. Already cooked chickens are a great time-saver. Pull the meat off of them when you get home and store it in the fridge, ready to be tossed on top of a salad, rolled up in a burrito, or thrown in a stir-fry. Nikki does this a lot. 

Buy some bagged salad mix. You can get greens in your system in a matter of seconds. I used to take them to work with me and store them in the fridge for lunches. 

Swap pasta for spaghetti squash. This is a relatively painless way for those of us who struggle with liking vegetables to get more of them in our diets. If you've never tried it before, spaghetti squash is a yellow, oval-shaped squash that when cooked, can be scraped out into spaghetti-like strands. Smother it in your favorite pasta sauce and enjoy. 

Convenient food can be healthy food. There are so many healthy foods that are also easy to prepare. I often buy pre-cooked brown rice, so I can get a whole grain on my plate even if I haven't thought about dinner until I'm ravenously hungry and don't want to wait an hour for it to cook from scratch. Trader Joe's has a bunch of rice options in their frozen section that can be ready in minutes. I also love substituting riced cauliflower for real rice sometimes. And again, Trader Joe's sells that stuff already riced and ready to use. 

Any hacks you've found recently that you want to share for the good of the blog? You can do that below. Hope some of these were helpful!