A Shout Out to Brave Souls

It's an act of bravery to be vulnerable. Especially on something like YouTube or Twitter, where the comments sections are often rolling dumpster fires. So, on any platform available for public consumption, being honest about some element of your experience is courageous. But people do it anyway. 

Stories that have resonated with me lately have been stories from outwardly successful people--people I admire--about fear. Their fear. Their anxiety. Their self-doubt. The knots in their stomachs before they did that impressive thing I read about, watched them do or heard them say. 

Speaking of being vulnerable, here's my confession: I've always secretly believed there was a fundamental difference between myself and women who achieved impressive things. I thought they did amazing things because they weren't scared or plagued by insecurities like I was. But in reality, many of them do those things in spite of that fear not because of it's absence.

I wish I'd known that earlier. I wish that I hadn't, in Elizabeth Gilbert's words, let fear hold onto the steering wheel and pick the music on the road trip of life.  

I wish I'd told fear to get in the back seat and let me drive the darn car. I wish I'd felt the fear and done it anyway so much sooner than now. But we're all a work in progress, doing the best we can with what we know.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of the things that have inspired me lately. Maybe you'll find something in them too.

There was this video, which I shared on the blog last month. Any video where someone talks openly about body image gets my attention, but I then found this one where she spoke about how intimidating doing that original video was for her. 

Someone else whose videos I always click on are Mayim Bialik's. She made this one today about living with social anxiety. Another about regrets. And this one about shame, which was so powerful. 

This book. The concepts aren't new, but there's something about the way they're presented, the exercises they have you do, and the order of them that has been a really good fit for me. 

And finally, but firstly in a way, was the first episode of the Lady Bam Podcast. The interview guest was Stacey K. Black. She's now a television director, but she's had this really interesting career, moving through several roles in television production. I heard this podcast several months ago and was so inspired by the way she spoke about navigating a male-dominated and competitive industry, and pushing through the fear she feels with each new thing she does. 

Have you come across something lately that inspired you or made you feel less alone? I hope that if you're struggling with something, big or small, that you've got people who love and support you. And I hope you have found examples of others who've walked a similar road to inspire and uplift you on your journey. 

Take care, friends!