Questions and Triple Axels

Hi all! Wondering how to start loving your body? Want to know how often you should be strength training, or doing cardio? Not sure how to do a plank correctly? Curious whether you're working out too much or too little? Or maybe you're wondering whether your muscles will always be so sore after a workout and what you can do to prevent it. 

Whatever your health and fitness questions, we're here to answer them. Starting next month we're going to be running a regular feature called, Ask Erin. I don't know yet whether they'll be their own posts or whether we'll just include a few questions and answers at the end of our regular posts as questions come in. It kind of depends on how many we get...

The point of our blog is to provide content that's of value to all of you reading. To that end, we'd love it if you would send in questions or even just suggestions for topics that you'd like us to write about in this space. You can share them in the Comments section below, or if you'd prefer not to share them publicly, you can email me directly at erin@fitnessforlifeco.com.

On another note, I'm not watching the Olympics. But, I've heard a lot over the last week about figure skater, Mirai Nagasu's, history-making triple axel at this year's games. If you're like me and are wondering why that's such a big deal, here's a video from Vox that tells you everything you need to know in less than five minutes. It is actually amazing that anyone can do this.