February Faves

This month was a short one, but it was full of fun new(ish) finds! Read on for details on what made my February a bit brighter…

Dove’s Go Fresh Body Wash in the Blue Fig and Orange Blossom Scent. I’ve found this at Target and Amazon. I was on the hunt for something less expensive than the Philosophy body washes and stumbled on this. Love it.

Vaseline has been saving my chapped lips this month. My lips were dry and severely cracked at the edges—it was really uncomfortable, actually. I tried all kinds of lip balms, from luxury brands to drugstore brands. In the end, the only thing that made any difference was Vaseline and it was, by far, the least expensive thing I tried. I also used a little aloe vera gel on the corners, which helped heal the most severely damaged areas.

This Crockpot Chicken & Stuffing with Green Beans recipe, from Spicy Southern Kitchen. It is total comfort food, and was just what I needed when we were snowed in earlier this month. It also took 5-minutes to prepare and then the slow cooker did the rest.

Things to Remember When Your Body Changes. I love this YouTube channel.

If you have a Smart Food Service Warehouse (formerly Cash n’ Carry) near you, and you are a smoothie person, look for the Flav-R-Pack fruit cubes in the frozen section. My favorite are the strawberries, but they have other options too. It’s exactly what it sounds like—frozen strawberries in tiny cube form rather than in big whole strawberry form. This has been a huge time and energy saver for me in the morning.

This two-part podcast on anxiety. If you, like me, suffer from anxiety, give this a listen. First, it made me feel less alone in it. But it also offered some new ways to think about my anxiety and ways to handle some of the symptoms in a healthy way.

Meg Ryan in the New York Times magazine.

Joy the Baker. If you aren’t following her blog or cooking delicious things from her cookbooks, you’re missing out.

I’m already on the lookout for March favorites, so until then…