What I'd Buy Again

There's a particular kind of video that all of the beauty vloggers I follow on YouTube have made; some of them several times over. And it's some variation on the theme of, if they lost all of their makeup and skincare products, which things would they absolutely go out and buy again right away. It's an interesting exercise, especially for people who have massive collections of makeup. I do not, but sometimes even the relatively small amount of products I have feel like too much. Like I can't really "see" everything I've got because there are too many options. I thought that theme could be adapted to fitness, which is what I'm going to attempt to do here. 

If somehow I lost all of my fitness stuff--weights, bands, mats, workout clothing, shoes, DVD's--what would I go out and replace immediately? What would I need in order to stick with my workouts? I narrowed it down to a few essentials. So, here we go...

Dumbbells. I would definitely get at least two sets of dumbbells, maybe three--a heavier set and a lighter set at least. 

Resistance Bands. I would get a few of these, mostly for lower body stuff. 

My Asics Training Shoes. I have tried lots of different brands of shoe, and Asics are hands-down my favorites. I usually get them on sale at Kohl's or DSW.

Extra Thick Workout Mat. This I couldn't live without. I workout at home a lot and we have hardwood floors. So any floor exercise would be miserable without this mat. 

Jessica Smith's Boost Metabolism and Muscle DVD. I thought a lot about which DVD I would choose if I lost all of mine, and I settled on this one. If you've read some of my previous posts, you know I've tried many, many, many DVDs in my time. I picked this one because there are three strength-training workouts included and they are effective and safe ones. By opting for different modifications on the exercises and playing around with the weight of the dumbbells I used, I could make this work as my strength-training routine for quite a while. 

High-Rise Cropped Yoga Pants from Old Navy. If I'm honest, I would probably look on ThredUp for my favorite Lucy brand cropped leggings, but since I can't predict what they'll have at any given time, I chose these ones. Old Navy has some good, inexpensive active wear, including these pants which are about $15. 

Workout Tank from Athleta. Again, I'd check ThredUp for a Lucy tank, but this one is good too and at a decent price point. 

Stability Ball. I debated whether or not I needed this, but ultimately its versatility won me over. I love the variety of exercises I can do on it, and it's one of the ways I work on balance training. So, it made the list. 

There you have it. A relatively short list, but it's truly what I would purchase again if I had to. I've got more than this in my home gym now, but these are my essentials. All of this stuff can be found secondhand, if you have the patience. I've found workout equipment of all kinds on Craigslist and ThredUp is the first place I look for clothes.