What Made Me Happy Today

I re-watched this documentary on Netflix today. It's about this group of a dozen or so people, running something called a Ragnar Relay together. A Ragnar is a team-based race, usually covering about 200-miles, and lasting two days and one night. The race is divided into smaller runs and each team member runs a few sections of the whole. It's something I would never do in a million years because I hate running, and I especially hate the idea of running for days on end. Through the Florida swamps. But I've watched the documentary several times, so, I apparently enjoy watching other people run...I guess?

Anyway, one of my favorite things about the movie is that one of the women in it wears a bright pink tutu over her leggings when she runs. It's not like the race has a tutu theme or something. No one else wears one. It doesn't make her lighter or more aerodynamic. It doesn't have pockets to hold her water or her cell phone. It serves no practical purpose whatsoever, as far as I can tell.

It makes no sense.

But I love, love, love that she wears it anyway. And I think I know why I love that she wears it.

I love it because there's no practical reason for her to do it. Which tells me she does it because it makes this thing--this race that's so intense and so physically and emotionally demanding--a little more fun. It's silly. And it's whimsical. And it probably makes her feel kind of like a kid again when she wears it.

It tells me that she knows that we all take this fitness stuff seriously, too seriously sometimes. And because of that, we have to look for opportunities to inject some element of joy back into it. And we have to not care whether anyone else gets it or likes it. 

That said, I have to tell you what I did. I wrote that post about how it's okay for you to lie to yourself sometimes if it makes your workouts more fun, right? And I told you that one of the things that gets me through Barre class is pretending that I look like a graceful ballerina. So, I was on Pinterest the other day and I saw these...

Leg warmers--how awesome are those?!! The idea of them made me so happy that I felt like I needed to get some. So I did. Not these specific ones. I couldn't find those. But I found others on Amazon and I am so excited to wear them to class, I can't even tell you.

So, maybe it's not leg warmers for everyone. But I guarantee there's something that you could do that would give you the same joy that my leg warmers bring to me. I know Nikki has talked about how having her own boxing gloves made her feel that same kind of excitement when she was starting out in kickboxing. What would your thing be?