We Paint, We Eat Pizza & We Dream


The painting and dreaming parts of that statement are probably no surprise. We are a small business and sometimes you gotta grab a roller and slap some paint on the walls. It's an oddly fun task really. And I think it's partly because we live in a world where we work so hard toward results that are often weeks, months or years away. So, to get to do something where we get an instantaneous payoff...Well, it's kind of a nice change of pace. Last month, Nikki and I met at the studio on a sunny Saturday morning to paint. And to eat pizza and tots. And to dream.

The studio's name changed earlier in the summer and with it came a new logo with light and bright branded colors. We put new signs up, displayed our new business cards and brochures, and launched our new website. We love the new. But...

Then everything that was left over from the Lean Body Lifestyles days--the red and black draperies, the throw pillows, wall decor and, yes, the paint on the walls--felt so dark and heavy by contrast.

So, we got rid of it all. We took down the drapes and the wall decor and gave away the throw pillows. Nikki bought new stuff. A new shower curtain, kleenex holder, throw pillows and garbage cans.

But that left the walls. Hence our Saturday morning call time a few weeks back.

Here are a few before pictures (excuse the Christmas tree, but I wanted to get a picture with the drapes in it)...

IMG_0799                                   19_nikki_2016IMG_0759


We decided to lighten things up. It's amazing what a few gallons of white paint will do...


Nothing can make a color look dingier than looking at it right next to fresh white paint...


This is Nikki handling the detail work, because I frankly don't have the patience for it...


I just want to point out that she doesn't tape off any of the trim and she still does a perfect job! I have no idea how she does it...

Because I look like I swam in a can of paint before the day is done...


I don't want to brag or anything, but Nikki had to try to get paint on herself. I just come by it naturally. I'm just super-talented that way.

This is literally everything pushed into the center of the room, so we wouldn't get paint on it.


And this was lunch. Or what was left of it halfway through. And yes, that is a gigantic pizza and an order of Cajun tots.


We may be personal trainers, but we can also pack away some serious bar food. What can I say, we needed to keep our strength up...

Because we painted that whole studio, with it's high ceilings and massive blank walls in one day. And now, it looks like this...

Studio After

The picture doesn't really do it justice. It looks so good, you guys!

A funny thing about making big changes to the name of the studio, or to our logo, or color scheme or the paint on the walls--is that the changes don't stop there. These symbols of newness have, I think, generated this wave of ideas for what the business can be. Both Nikki and I have been dreaming big lately. There are so many amazing things we want to do, none of which are going to be achievable over one Saturday with a little elbow grease.

But, starting over with the look of the studio has made us think about what else is possible. And that dreaming motivates us to put in a lot of hard work now. We have so much we want to be able to offer to our clients and to all of you reading this blog. What we've been doing over the summer with this re-brand is giving us the space and the business to support launching some of those big dreams.

So, this post was about painting the studio. But painting the studio was really about so much more than that. I hope you'll stay with us and that realizing some of our big dreams for Fitness for Life will result in blessings for all of you. Stay tuned.