Final (Maybe)Favorite Things


So, the posts where we share our favorite things from the last month (products, articles, websites, recipes, exercises, etc.) has been a more challenging list to compile as the months go by. That's partly due to the fact that we are pretty specific when it comes to what we will and won't recommend. Our industry is bursting with advice, programs, products and information that we often find problematic. In a bikini-body-obsessed and hyper-aggressive fitness world, it's sometimes difficult for us to find things that we feel comfortable sharing with you and recommending to you.

So. The favorite things post is kind of on the bubble, as they say in the world of television. It could be canceled, or it could be renewed. If it is renewed, we think it needs to change. And that change will involve you.

What we'd like to see this post become, in-part, is a response to you all. To your questions about things you've read or heard about health and fitness. To your curiosity about whether a particular fitness product (could be clothing, shoes, or exercise equipment, books or dvd's) is really worth the investment.

We'd also like to see it become a place where you share what has worked for you or inspired you in your health journey. Are there recipes you've relied upon to bring flavor and excitement into your healthy diet? Are there specific exercises, or types of exercise that you love and want us to share with others? Are there tips, quotes or advice someone else shared with you that you think might inspire other people?

Whatever you post in the Comments section, we'll check out. So, please share your questions or thoughts there and you may see us include something you wrote about in an upcoming post.

Thanks to all of you who read the blog and have sent kind comments along the way. We hope you'll engage with us in our effort to share the best of the health and fitness world with our readers!

In the meantime, here's a mini-favorite things list for you...

I'm apparently late to the ThredUp party, but I recently discovered it and have added it to my list of favorite places to shop for inexpensive (but good quality) workout gear. You can sell them your gently used stuff, or just scour their inventory for nice things at a good price. I've purchased things that literally still had the original tags on, and I've purchased other things that had very minor signs of wear. I love it.

These PB&J bars from the Katalyst Health blog. They're refined sugar-free (sweetened with a little maple syrup and dates), and delicious.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had cut back on the duration and intensity of my workouts and was following a plan by another personal trainer I really like. I'm almost 6 weeks in and I've absolutely loved it! For those of you who've asked, it's Jessica Smith's Walk Strong series. You can purchase it from Amazon here. Each workout is 30 minutes and they provide a schedule (including active rest days) for you to follow.

This article, When Self-Improvement is Self-Destruction: The 4 Warning Signs.

This is Not the End. Immunotherapy is pretty amazing you guys.

Let's get started now with the new version of favorite things, shall we? The Comments section is open for your questions and contributions!