Favorite Things: May


Happy Monday, friends! Our monthly collection of things we love or things we found interesting in the preceding weeks is here. We don't get paid to promote any of the products or people listed here, but if that ever changes we'll let you know. These shoes, made from plastic bottles recovered from the ocean.

This effort by the royal family to shatter the stigma surrounding mental health.

Slack.com. This app is a lifesaver for Nikki and I. We have channels for all of our major projects and we can post documents and discuss, keeping everything related to that topic together in one place. And it's searchable. If you work with a team on anything, check it out.

Shut Down Body Shamers with this One Line.

Chocolate and peanut butter for breakfast? Yes, please. I'm trying these Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes as soon as I hit publish on this post.

What Mindfulness Looks Like in the Age of Social Media.

My favorite dinner this month was super simple. I roasted some vegetables in the oven (I used grape tomatoes, asparagus, sweet onion, and green beans); tossed them with some orzo I cooked in vegetable stock; dressed the whole thing with the juice of one lemon, 1T olive oil, salt and pepper; and topped it with fresh basil and toasted pine nuts. Delicious and done in about 30 minutes.

Farmer's Market Season is here (!!!) and I love tote baskets like this one .

7 Ways Dermatologists Protect their Skin. 

Okay, that's it from us for today. We'll be back with new posts for you next week!