Fitness Tip of the Month


Hi there! Here we are in a new month, with a new fitness tip to share. And I love this one because it involves that ever-important mind-body connection thing. As always, no exercise or fitness tip works for everyone's body and this post should not be considered a recommendation that you do the exercises mentioned below. Your body is different than mine, and our injuries, histories and limitations are different. So, please consult a physician before beginning any exercise program and stop exercising and consult a physician if you experience pain, dizziness, nausea etc. I have bad knees and bad wrists. By that I mean I have treated them badly, not that they've done anything wrong. Injuries, a sedentary lifestyle and many years sitting at a desk and working on a computer took their toll, so now I have to be careful with them.

In terms of workouts, it has meant that anything that requires that my wrists be flexed (as they are in push-ups, planks or other quadrupedal exercises) is off the table.

But, I heard a tip recently that has helped me a lot and it's this: don't sink into your wrists. Think about using your larger, upper body muscles to support your body weight instead of relying on your hands and wrists to support you. This applies even if you don't have wrist issues or pain.

If I haven't shared this before, the way to communicate with a muscle is simply to think about it. So, I think about pushing away from the floor and lifting that pressure out of my wrists.

Try it next time you exercise. And it doesn't have to be with push-ups. It can be with anything. Doing squats? Think about your glutes pushing your body back up to standing. Biceps curls? Think about those biceps engaging and bringing those weights toward your shoulders. Got a set of crunches to do? Think about those abdominal muscles pulling your shoulder blades up off the floor.

I swear it works. Being mindful and checking in with our bodies throughout our workouts is so important, both in terms of keeping us safe and making each exercise as effective as it can be.