A Rainy Walk With a Purpose


This morning I woke up to snow outside my window. Snow

This was not good news since today was the day Nikki and I had scheduled to wander the neighborhood around the studio, posting flyers for an upcoming community event.

The snow turned to rain by the time I had to hop in the car and head north.

But it was very cold rain.


The kind of cold that makes your fingers numb. Too numb to gracefully and quickly grab a single fancy, colorful flyer from the stack in your waterproof bag.

An amount of rain that leaves you dripping puddles on the floor while you ask the nice barista at Tully's for permission to tape one of your flyers on their window.

A combination of cold and rain that forces you to alternate which of your freezing hands gets to enjoy the relative warmth of your coat pocket and which one has to brave the elements to hold up your umbrella.


It's funny. In this age of internet access and digital marketing.

Of Tweetstorms and Instagram pics.

Of websites and blogs.

Of Facebook friends and Pinterest followers.

Still, sometimes there's no substitute for pounding the pavement, scotch tape in hand and covering your community in paper.

No substitute for face-to-face interaction.

This morning's neighborhood tour is, itself, a kind of metaphor for the event it's helping to promote. One of our goals is to be of service to our community. The blog does that in some ways--it allows us to communicate with people irrespective of their geographical distance from us.

But as much as technology allows us to be nearly global in our reach, we are very much a part of the community in which we live. Unlike many other gyms, we don't have open hours. People can't just wander into the studio for a tour or to check out the facility.

We started to wonder whether there was a way we could be of service to people in our community who aren't ready to, or interested in, hiring a personal trainer.

Maybe they have fitness-related questions we could answer.

Maybe they workout at home on their own, but want to know whether they're doing a particular exercise correctly.

Maybe they want some ideas for modifications, or new exercises to try.

Maybe they need some help developing a stretching program.

Maybe they're frustrated or overwhelmed by the volume of, and the sometimes contradictory, fitness information bombarding them on a daily basis.

Whatever it is, we think we can help.

Open 2

So, we decided to hold a monthly open house. We're calling it Tuesdays with a Trainer and we are really excited about it. And, if we're honest, a little nervous that no one is going to show up. Isn't that always the fear when you plan an event like this?

Every third Tuesday of the month, starting on March 21st, one or more of us will be at the studio from 6pm-8pm. We're bringing light refreshments, our knowledge and our experience, and maybe a guest speaker every now and again.

We're hoping that people will stop by and tell us how we can help them on their road to good health. All are welcome--current and former clients too!

I'll keep you updated if/when we have special programming, giveaways or guests coming up. Thanks again for watching this space!