Favorite Things


Every month I like to compile a list of my favorite things, mostly health and fitness-related, but not always. None of the people or companies listed below paid me to try their product or to say nice things about them. If that ever changes, I will let you know. Okay, here we go. Last month I featured Nikki's favorite workout pants. This month I'm featuring mine. I love these workout capris from DYLN. They are yoga pant material, with a cute flared leg opening. I know lots of people love compression pants, but I never feel comfortable in them. They just don't look good on me and I am forever tugging at them. These, on the other hand, are perfect for me--fitted but not too tight.

This story about not letting your clothing size determine your self worth. Amen to that. Made me think about how many different sizes are represented in my wardrobe.

This recipe for brussels sprout chips from Delish! I know, I know. Brussels sprouts as a favorite thing? Really? Yes, really. These are crispy and savory and really, really good. Even without the cheese.

And if you need a sweet reward for eating your veggies, there's this Banana Cherry Garcia Soft Serve from The Simple Veganista.

Any fellow bookworms looking for a vacation destination? Check out this hotel in Portugal. It boasts a library of 50,000 books!

Speaking of books, my cousin bought me Voracious, by Cara Nicoletti, for Christmas. She shares the stories and recipes inspired by her most beloved books. It will make you nostalgic for the books you remember as a kid, and also maybe a little hungry.

I love lunch/dinner bowls and I love this article about how to put them together. Simple. Healthy. All your basic food groups covered. All in one bowl.

Anyone else struggle with removing makeup at the end of the day--especially eye makeup? It seemed like no matter what I used, my mascara and eyeliner refused to go away completely. My best friend recommended micellar water to me a couple of months ago and now it's the only thing I use. I don't use a separate cleanser or rinse my face--just this stuff and some moisturizer after. It's awesome.

Coconut oil is my go-to facial moisturizer, body lotion, frizzy hair remedy and chapped lip soother. It's like $5.99 for a huge jar at Trader Joe's. It works just as well or better than anything I've bought at Ulta and, because you don't need to use much, it lasts for a really long time.

Happy Thursday, friends! I'll be back next week with new posts.