Photo Shoot Day!

Hello again! Hope you’re having a great week. It’s December already. How did that happen? There are some exciting things on the way for the studio! And in preparation for that, we did something I had certainly never done before…

We had a photo shoot! With a professional photographer and everything. She had fancy lenses. And one of those shiny silver foam boards that does something very important—filter the light maybe?

Anyway, Nikki, Sarah and I had a great time, despite our limited nonexistent experience being professionally photographed. I captured some behind-the-scenes images and thought you might want to see them.


food-table  open-house-food

Our craft services table (cue the fancy showbiz terminology!) and the spread from the event we hosted last month should explode the notion that personal trainers don’t eat. These personal trainers LOVE food.

We may have slightly overpacked. I think we each had like six changes of clothes. I didn’t change at all, save for having some photos with my jacket on and some with it off. Nikki changed once. But I guess it’s better to have too many outfits than too few.









See, fancy lenses!


And fancy, silvery board thingy!


Fun fact one: doing a squat is a far, far less awkward experience than having someone photograph you doing a squat. Nothing makes you more aware of every single thing your body is doing at a given moment than having a camera pointed at you while you do it. That's Nikki up there on squat number 212, demonstrating bad squat form and probably wishing she had drafted Sarah or me to model for that shot!


This is our awesome photographer, Willow, explaining to Sarah and Nikki how important it is that however awkward they feel they must try to look like they have never had more fun in their lives.

Fun fact two: no matter how long you’ve worked with someone, it is always weird to spend extended periods of time looking at each other and smiling. I don't have a photo to illustrate that. I just needed to say it. Awkward.

And finally, a few more of the photo shoot. Above you see Willow doing triple duty as photographer, choreographer and hair stylist.

The photos from this shoot will be appearing on the website soon. I'll try to give you a heads up when that happens. I've seen them and they turned out great!

As always, we welcome your comments or questions in the Comments section below.

Have a great weekend, friends!